The driving forces

An ideal synergy ecosystem with the largest tech portfolio on the market and we are connected to all tech, gadgets, general media – hence we can spot opportunities and take advantage of new coverage opportunities.


Driven by creative thinking, we work with our creative team to develop compelling concepts that speak the language of our audiences using digital channels and tools. Combining skills from our local and regional teams means can handle any challenge.


We pride ourselves with 18 years of developing outstanding campaigns and of handling projects which rely on media relations, influencer management and advocacy, for numerous clients across different industries. Over the years, we nurtured authentic and honest relationships with media representatives, influencers, content creators, and brand advocates.

Content & Creative

As a communication-first agency, our primary focus is delivering strategic messages and communication solutions in all channels, adapted to the client’s audiences. We handle social media with the same approach as we do with communication strategy, following the communication pillars we agree with the client.